Microsoft launched the Partner Development Centre in 2009 to provide globally excepted best practice leadership to start-up and mature Dynamics Partners.


The South African Microsoft Partner Development Centre (PDC) is based on globally practiced and sanctioned methodologies and over 60 tool sets. Facilitated by a local team who’s  combine experience, entrepreneurship and solid business acumen has set new standards in the Africa IT industry, the PDC provides the definitive framework for the Dynamics business community leaders.

The unique combination of interactive workshops and on-site, tailored mentoring sessions focus on the disciplines of business management, sales, marketing and project management. The PDC is not about extraordinary ideas, extraordinarily executed by extraordinary people. It is about common sense executed by normal people but EXECUTED.

“In 2009 we selected Blue Pencil to represent the PDC and DPA in South Africa, Africa and selected Middle East countries. Their knowledge of the Partner Channel, Business Strategy and Marketing as well as the fact that they have demonstrated their ability to deliver on strategic initiatives with Microsoft, has been some of the key consideration in their selection. We are delighted to have them on board again.”
Vanessa Pringle, Partner Account Manager Microsoft