Blue Pencil focuses on the creation and implementation of revenue-producing channel models; by concentrating on practical strategy and value alignment, we are able to ensure that the channel being worked with is both productive and measurable.

To do this, we have developed an extensive channel map methodology, based on our knowledge of the sector and utilising the extensive intellectual capital within our organisation.

Although well-versed in the theory of business strategy, our focus is one of driving business through innovation and differentiation, and it is the implementation of alignment techniques that forms the driving principle behind Blue Pencil’s methodologies and implementation strategies.

We engage with our clients on a part-retainer/part-risk model, with the retainer itself being kept quite light. This has a twofold role – it makes it less costly for the customer, while at the same time ensuring that it always remains in our interests to make the client successful, because our own success is tied directly to this.

Our focus is one of driving business through innovation and differentiation.