We are experts in the field of Channel and Marketing and Business Development in the IT Industry, both locally and in Africa. Our focus is one of driving business through innovation and differentiation.

Established in 2001, Blue-Pencil was created to address channel development requirements in the international IT industry.

Blue-Pencil focuses on the creation and implementation of revenue-producing go-to-market and channel models.  By concentrating on practical strategy and value alignment, Blue-Pencil ensures that the go-to-market strategy is productive and measurable.

Although well-versed in the theory of business strategy, Blue-Pencil’s focus is one of driving business through innovation and differentiation.  The driving principle behind Blue-Pencil’s philosophy is finding the right partners and channels who will help drive your business into targeted markets, thereby increasing revenue.

Blue-Pencil are experts in the field of Channel and Marketing and Business Development in the IT Industry, both locally and in Africa. We understand the intricacies of doing business with vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM – this aids in the development of strategic relationships with the correct resources within vendors.  We also specialize in developing and implementing revenue-driven go-to-market strategies for ISVs.

Over time, Blue-Pencil has developed a comprehensive Discovery Map methodology which addresses the various areas of your business that are fundamental to the success of this business model.

Although not primarily focused on strategy consulting, we engage with decision makers at a strategic level refining elements of business, finance, sales and marketing as it ultimately relates to defining a go-to-market strategy.  By engaging closely with your team and assisting in the implementation of this go-to-market, Blue-Pencil creates an environment that fosters revenue generation.

Blue Pencil is not a consulting agency. We differentiate through our active involvement in the business and a hand-on approach to ensure that the objectives of the intervention are realised. It is this approach that that was fundamental to the selection of Blue Pencil to become the Microsoft Partner Development Centre for Africa and Middle East, our mentoring role in the ILO (International Labour Organisation) start-up programmes, network partner and mentor for Microsoft BizSpark and more recently as a JV partner with Blue Label Telecoms in a boutique accelerator.