PWC Exordia launches Channel Partner Program

PwC Exordia is pleased to announce the global launch of eXsam, our Strategic Asset Management solution, which is now available to our reseller network.

Developed by PWC Exordia and built on our PwC SAM Matrix, eXsam is backed by strong brand support worldwide leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture.
eXsam can be used to manage diverse asset types, from movable equipment, facilities and plant, to people, entire mines, vehicles, IT assets, contracts, and fixed machinery. The solution is customisable to suit individual, specific requirements, asset types and industries regardless of a business’s priorities and asset mix.

As a standalone solution, or deployed with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, eXsam provides a comprehensive management, control and reporting tool for a company’s assets, enabling business to apply internationally recognised good practice and support compliance and governance within asset management.

Easily customized for a diversity of asset configurations, eXsam is also configurable to provide users with a role-driven, 3600 view of assets reducing clutter and increasing ease-of-management for dramatically enhanced productivity.

There is no longer a need to deploy and manage different solutions to have total enterprise- wide asset visibility with vertical functionality for fleet management, property management, contract management, service and maintenance management.
eXsam includes a sophisticated component for streamlined occupational health, safety and environmental (OHSE) management called eXray. Other extensions to the standard product include eXflow, for advanced business process management capabilities and eXmobi, a handheld mobile integration for online and offline field workers providing users unparalleled control over the business’s assets.

Feedback from our customers on initial deployments have been very favourable and we are excited to be able to launch of eXsam into the broader market and trust that our partners and customers will rate it as highly as those who have already tested and use it.

We believe this to be the leading strategic asset management solution for businesses of all natures and sizes enabling management, monitoring and control of all assets and their unique attributes with a single tool.

As we are now building a competent partner network to support the go-to-market of this solution, and we believe that you can add great value to this endeavour while enhancing your business through increasing the value-add of your offerings to your customers, we invite you to contact us for more information on the solution and to become part of our partner network. You are invited to contact Tallies Taljaard ( to arrange for a one to one session with the ISV team.